What a Year!

What an amazing past few months! I have been on the go non-stop since my last post but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I think I will just go through the months and share some pictures of all the things I have been doing.



The YAVs hosted a Super Bowl Party for the Young Adults at our host church. We had kickoff cupcakes, Super Bowl Rings (ring pops), penalty flags (yellow napkins), and of course lots of fun!


We also presented to about the YAV program and our work here in Indy at the Whitewater Valley Presbytery meeting. It was great to share our work with all the local churches and there was a visitor from Newton Presbytery!Presbytery


My favorite event (besides the one I planned) was the Center For Interfaith Cooperation’s Interfaith Ambassador of the Year dinner. We volunteered at the beginning of the dinner, but then got to sit and enjoy learning more about K.P. Singh the man we were honoring. People from all faiths came forward and spoke of how great a man he is. As an amazing artist, last year, he was asked to create five painting to give to the recipients of this award. When the CIC picked him for this year he insisted that he not be treated special and so he graciously received his own painting back. It was a great evening and after helping to clean up we got a quick picture with this great leader.CIC


We also volunteered with the Kenya Carnival this year. This is a Global Interfaith Partnership event to raise money for scholarships for students in Kenya. Students from schools and churches all around Indy work to raise money and this event is their biggest fundraiser. It was great to see the community flood 2nd Presbyterian Church. I made fudge and cupcakes for their cakewalk and got creative with toothpick flags and cupcakes with all the colors of the Kenyan flag.Kenya Carnival



I got to go home! It was great to spend Easter with my family and see all my friends. I stepped of the long bus ride at 6:30, stopped to see my grandmother at the nursing home before heading to dinner with church friends. It was a great welcome home even if I was exhausted.home



Megan and I attended a dinner at Westminster Neighborhood Services. We had a great evening chatting with people from 2nd Pres., meeting new people, and hearing from Bill Enright, a retired pastor from the church. It was also a chance for us to learn more about the community services that this organization provides.westminster


April 29th was the big night! The night I have been working toward since I started in September. With a record number of attendees and a venue change it was an exciting and stressful month. However, that night was great. I got to meet people I had been emailing all year, I won a hand-carve crocodile from Uganda, and we raised an astounding $200,000! As we look forward to next year we are excited to find a new venue where we can continue to grow. BTW $200,000 translates into almost 7 schools we will be able to build.crocodile



This month has been a mix of Build-A-School Night debriefing/breathing and gearing up for our next big event, Indy Burger Battle. I will share more about that in my next blog.


The YAVs all attended an Abrahamic Dinner this month. We were all separated for dinner at different tables and it was great. It was so nice to meet new people instead of sitting with the same people all the time. The topic of the evening was “The Prophets as Refugees”. We heard from the three Abrahamic traditions, Islam, Judaism, and Christianity, about how the faiths see the prophets as refugees from other lands, how followers of all the traditions have been refugees at some point in history, and how we as believers today must open our hearts and homes to people seeking refuge.


Last Sunday Megan and I spoke at the Fairview Presbyterian Church about the YAV program and our year so far. I attend their contemporary service with Megan every other Sunday and I have come to appreciate the upbeat atmosphere. I do go to traditional service on opposite weeks where I can replenish my soul with traditional hymns, responsive prayers, and of course seeing all my 2nd Pres. friends.Fairview


On Monday we had most of our YAV Ministry team over for a Potluck Dinner. The ministry team has been meeting for years to make way for the Indy YAV program. We wouldn’t be here without them. Over the past nine months we have gotten to know each one of them through different avenues in our year. It was a great time of fellowship and because it was such a beautiful day we all sat out on the porch. We ended our night playing Bananagrams on the porch before finishing the dishes and getting the house back in order.potluck


This weekend, as some of you may be aware, there is a big race happening here in Indy. It is the Indy something, some number…oh yeah the Indy500! While I do not have tickets, Madison does so he will be out an about with a friend he has visiting. Megan is heading home to attend one wedding and be in another. That means I will have the house to myself! Harry Potter Marathon here I come!


In other exciting news one of my bestest friends ever had a baby girl last Tuesday. I am so excited for her. One of our Lake Fellows at the church also had a baby girl a few weeks ago so I am patiently (kind of) waiting for some baby time.


Have a great Memorial Day weekend everyone!



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