Be a Blessing

Since last writing the world seems to have turned on it head. And many have taken to social media to voice their opinions…including me. This blog however is not my personal soapbox. This is a place for me to share my journey with all of you. This week my journey has been about evaluating where I stand on political, religious, and world conflicts. It has been a tough journey to read article after article from both sides; to interact with friends who disagree with my stance. I am interested an anxious to see how our country responds to current events. In the meantime, I offer up a prayer for peace, understanding, love, and direction. I pray for the world, for those who are so often left out of the media and for those that are in need and fearful during this season of thanksgiving, love, and giving.

Speaking of my favorite season, I have been trying to plan how I will be spending my holidays. As many of you know my parents are visiting for Thanksgiving. I am so excited not only to see my parents but also because they are bringing some stuff that I realized I needed this year. Like gloves, more long sleeve shirts, and porkroll. I usually go all out for the holidays. I love spending my money on other people at Christmas time. Since I will not be home this year I have decided to spend my money a little differently this year. I will be buying small gifts for my family, but then I will be using the rest of my budgeted Christmas money to put together 50 Blessing Bags for the men, women, and children who find themselves in need this winter. My budget is tight, but as long as I have a roof over my head, food in my tummy, and shoes on my feet, I have an obligation to share what I have. These blessing bags will include water, food, socks, gloves, first aid supplies, lip balm, and some other essentials.

We also have a very active fire department two doors down from our house. They get called out day and night, and night and day. So since I am spending Christmas day in an empty house, I have decided to make them lasagna as a thank you for all their hard work. I am also helping 2nd Pres. with their Christmas Benevolence program. Saturday begins their almost month long process of wrapping new toys and clothes for 123 families. They throw a party for the kids while their parents shop for gifts. I am super excited to help with that because the description was literally “hold babies” and since leaving NJ I have missed holding babies.

So those are my holiday plans; lots of serving and shopping. I am excited to spend my first Christmas away from home doing something for others. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone! And as you overfill on turkey, watch football on your big screen TV, and stand in line at 3AM on Friday, remember to enjoy what you have been blessed with and look for ways to share that blessing.


One thought on “Be a Blessing

  1. What a true blessing you are to Indy. Although we miss you, I know what you are doing is what God wants you to do. I hope enjoy your time with your Mom and Dad. Love and miss you but find comfort in knowing you are serving others and in turn serving God.


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