Community Building

I am such a loser! Since writing that I would post every week, I haven’t! I apologize to all my loyal readers. Perhaps I will say that I will write every two weeks. That gives me time to experience exciting things and not bore you with mundane daily tasks.

Since last writing I have experienced even more of Indy. I have tried new restaurants, finally gotten my library card, and found a new work schedule that means I don’t have to sit in a crowded bus in the afternoon.

A two weeks ago Megan, Madison, and I went to Zimbabwe Night. It was a dinner fundraiser zimbabwe nightand as you can see the food was delicious. We sang and danced, we ate good food, and I met so many new people. As part of my job with Building Tomorrow, I am always looking up grants and foundations that may give us funding. Oftentimes I come across grants that we are not eligible for but that other non-profits may be. I met some of them that evening and so now as I research I can share what I find with other non-profits working in Africa.

Last week I enrolled in two free online courses through Philanthropy University. I am having a blast connecting with people from all over the world and learning about them, their work, and what brought them to these courses. My boss gave me the link and I was so excited to start broadening my knowledge.

The people at 2nd Pres. who have been hosting us continue to be amazing. They welcome us at church, send love and support when we need it, and go out of their way to make us feel at home. This weekend, Megan and I walked in the Crop Walk. Well Megan walked it, I got about half a mile in and my silly back started acting up again. It was still a nice day and after a few aspirin I was good a new.

heartland film   Last night we got to attend a film showing as part of the Heartland Film Festival. We saw Lake Los Angeles. It was wonderful. The theater is in an apartment building specifically for artists and the film was just awesome. When I got home I was looking through the other films being shown through the week and I want to see them all! Do you think my boss will let me use my vacation days to go watch movies all day? Probably not, besides I have to save my days because my mom and dad are coming to town! I am super excited to see them and show them all the places I have come to love in Indy.

view from work

This is my view in the morning from my office building. As you can see it is still quite dark. Well I better get to work. Today is my Monday. Yesterday the YAVs spent the afternoon exploring different spiritual practices. One was to sit quietly and try to empty your mind of all thoughts. If you drifted you would say a word that would bring you back to the task. It was the longest 9 minutes I have sat through in a long time. Well my boss just walked through the door and I am never short of work to do. Have a great couple of weeks everyone! Thanks for reading and remember to check out!


2 thoughts on “Community Building

  1. I am so glad that you are SO busy that you don’t have to write. Hearing all that you are involved in doing the work of God thrills me. Although we miss you very much, I know you are where God is calling you.


  2. Happy to get the updated info. Enjoy all the possibilities. Amazing what we can learn if we keep an open mind. I know you are doing all this because God is in your heart!


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