My Indiversary

What a week! As of Thursday I had been in Indy for a month! With that exciting benchmark, I have had a busy week. On Monday we participated in the Hoosier Interfaith Power and Light Climate Bootcamp. We learned about our responsibility to protect and preserve God’s creation. It was an enjoyable day getting to talk about one of my topics of personal interest.

Tuesday started off with a boiling hot bath of tea and my bus breaking down. But I did get to work. My boss is currently in Uganda checking in with our staff there. We are excited to have several groundbreakings going on. Every day we get photos from the field of foundations being dug, latrine walls being built, and the joyful smiles of kids excited to see the schools being built. This April we will be hosting our Build a School Night. It is a fancy night of food, fun, and fundraising. We have an auction for some nice trips and items followed by a reverse auction. We auction off pieces of a school. Last year a family gave $30,000! That was enough to build the whole school. From there people bought windows, doors, a roof, and even latrines. We are already beginning the planning process and are excited to make this year’s even awesome!

On Wednesday, Megan and I went to Happy Hour at the Symphony. Restaurants and beverage companies had samples of their dishes followed by an hour performance by Time for Three. It was a fantastic night and the passion with which the group performed was incredible.

bumblebee              To celebrate my one month anniversary in Indy we went to the Children’s Museum. They are gearing up for Halloween and as you can see even Bumblebee is ready for Trick or Treating. They also opened their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle exhibit. What amazes me about the museum is the level of interaction. From dress up stations to computer interaction there is something for everyone. Target sponsors a free evening every month so people who can’t usually afford the ticket price can go. The exhibits are catered to the children but also have an element of learning for the adults. It is amazing how much fun three young adults can have in a children’s museum.

group pyoca    On Friday we left for a weekend young adult retreat with some of the people from 2nd Pres. It was a weekend of relaxing, community building, and growing in faith. I learned that I rock at Bananagrams. On Saturday the group went out to the high ropes course. I did not participate but I did get 107 awesome photos of everyone as they went through the course. The pouring down rain was an added challenge. Everyone had tons of fun. These are my roommates on the course and some of our group making pizzas for dinner. We also did and afternoon of community service for the camp as well as small group times, and worship. It was a really great weekend and we all came back having made new friends.

pizza making megan madison

Part of this weekend was examining how we view service and how we serve. As a volunteer I understand that I am doing service through this program. However, I often feel like I am not doing enough. I am not out feeding people, I am not cleaning streets or going to protests. I sit in an office and schedule meetings, loading apps onto tablets for our fellows, and uploading photos. Not what I consider service. As I was expressing this during one of my small group sessions, one of the women reminded me that if I was not doing all those little things for the office someone else would have to do them. It was a refreshing reminder that what I am doing this year is important. By relieving the work from others, I am giving them the time to focus on the things that they do best, building tomorrows.


2 thoughts on “My Indiversary

  1. Busy, busy, busy – do you have time to sleep? Glad to hear this program is touching your life. It takes many hands – doing many jobs, to create a successful team! Blessings to all.


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