Building Tomorrow

I am so blessed to be in this spot. As I write this I am sitting in the foyer of The Second Presbyterian Church of Indianapolis or 2nd Pres. as we call it. I am blessed to be here but also to be serving in Indianapolis. As I get more involved with my work with Building Tomorrow and developing my intentional community with Megan and Madison, I reflect that I have been given so much in my life and this is one of those things.

This week I delved more deeply into my work with Building Tomorrow. Our Chief Dreamer, George, is going to a conference where he will meet with people from all over the world focused on changing the world in their own way. My job this week has been to compile a list of people who can help us to further our mission through grants, foundations, or networking. It has been so much fun looking into companies and foundations to see where their passions rest. It has also been nerve wracking to think that George will be heading into this conference with my list and notes to help him. I can only hope that I have given him enough information to network effectively.

Aside from learning more about the company I have also been learning more about the people I work with. On Thursday we walked to the City Market and had lunch together. It was a beautiful day for a walk and it gave me a chance to connect with my coworkers. Yesterday they were at a Building Tomorrow conference with students from colleges that support BT. I did not attend but I am sure it was a fun time and helps spread the message of what BT does for Uganda and for us here in the US.

On Friday the YAVs took on Downtown Indy. We attended a cultural awareness event meant to bring together the many people of differing faiths and cultures. They had a “passport” challenge and each table had an activity to complete in order to get your passport signed and entered into a raffle.

monsterThis was taken after we learned how to say monster in Scandinavian. After completing our challenges I won a door prize! I was super excited.

On Saturday we went to the St. George’s Festival at St. George’s Orthodox Christian Church.

st george festivalst george festival domest george

There was music, food, and vendors displaying the best they had to offer. The church believes that through icons we can get a glimpse of God. Their sanctuary is covered with murals depicting scenes from the Bible. My phone’s camera cannot even share a fraction of what I saw. I could have stayed and starred at the ceiling for hours. The detailed placement of characters, the connections made through stories and physical placement on the building. It was truly as sight I could never tire of looking at.

Each of the places I have gotten to explore and learn about this week remind me that I am building tomorrow. Through my work placement and the people I meet and interact with. I am building the future. I am blazing a path for future YAVs. I am an ambassador of my faith to everyone I meet. It makes me constantly think about what future I am building. What future are you building? Is it one of love, caring, and understanding? Are you being an ambassador of your faith or is fear and hate clouding your motivation? Be the tomorrow you want to see. Be the helping hand for those that need a lift. Paint the walls of your soul with your faith and let it be a window through which all people can glimpse God.


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