Finding My Place

WOW! What a busy and exciting week. I can’t believe how much has happened. After being commissioned by the Palisades Presbyterian Church last Sunday it seems like the people meeting and new experiences are never ending. On Monday I set out from Newark on my 20 hour bus ride to Indianapolis.

bus stationpittburgh

Flat Jesus is all set to head to Indianapolis. We passed through Pittsburgh at midnight. The next morning I new I had to have hit Indiana…I was surrounded by corn fields.indiana

Once my fit hit Indianapolis I have been on the go. From a tour of the city to interviewing for my job placement we have done so much. We have also had time for fun.

water clockturtleschildrens museum

This was our visit to the Children’s Museum.  The first picture is a water clock, the middle is our group photo, and the last is the front of the museum. That night we also went to a Young Adult picnic. It was a nice evening with people our age. We are excited to get to hang out with this awesome group throughout the year. Last night we went to a concert in a big park. 5,000 people brought food, wine, chairs, and their dance moves to see The Hit Men.  It was a wonderful time and we got to spend time with the YAV Ministry team. They were responsible for bringing us to Indy.

conner prairie

On Tuesday I start my work placement with Building Tomorrow. They build schools in Uganda and support and foster the education of the students. I am excited to be a part of this amazing team. Check out their website and be sure to uneducate yourself to see the role education has played in your life.

I will try to post weekly. As part of living simply our house is going without internet . So we will be spending lots of time in the library! Have a good week!

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