What Would Jesus Do?

It is a simple phrase. One taught to Sunday school children for ages. As we grow older it becomes harder to really stop and think what Jesus would do. I am currently reading a book called At the End of the Game it all Goes Back in the Box. Isn’t it true? We play the game of life racking up money, success, and stuff, but in the end all those things are temporary. Jesus knew that. As adults it becomes less about stealing cookies or telling a fib and more about what kind of points we are scoring with God. Are they temporary or eternal? The author goes on to say that LOVE is the ultimate score. Love you family, your friends, love your neighbors, and even love the people you hate. God is love and love makes God happy. But you have to love the right things. You have to love the eternal things. You have to love the people and God. Loving the temporary things only leads you away from God. Ok so maybe I am just rambling now. My point is that there is a lot of crap in this world. What Would Jesus Do? What Did Jesus Do? Did he build a mansion with servants and blame jealousy for his crucifixion. No, he lived simply, preached love, and died for our sins. So the next time you feel like giving someone a high five to the face remember that in the end, at the end of the game, do you really want to be the sore loser? Rack up those love points!

So now on to my adventures. I have been so busy! Last week I went on vacation to the Poconos with my family. A cute little rundown resort with a great staff and all the family time we could muster. We swam, we played games, and we even won a few candy bars at the horse race. The week before however was even busier!

Last year I decided to get my church’s name out into the community by setting up a booth at our local county fair. It was a hit! So two weeks ago I spent eight days sitting in the scorching heat selling prayer rocks and handing out our church’s information. About three days in someone asked if we took prayer requests. Of course we do! So we put out a small basket and throughout the week adults, children, friends and strangers gave us their prayer requests. On the Sunday after the fair our church lifted these prayers during our own prayer time. Today I would like to share them with all of you. Please hold these people in your prayers as I hold them in mine.

Mr. Robert Keenan

I pray for my cousin Junior. I pray for health and family.

Daniel McCloskey

I hope my mom quits smoking

Prayers for Ray Smickle for surgery Wed.

Prayers for wisdom, patience and confidence

I hope my dad and his girlfriend stay together

Pray that my mom’s cancer goes away for good

Bob and Holly to get married

Christine to get married to Gus

I hope my sister bes nice to me

For the Peterson Family

For my moms friend Sharolyn for her breast cancer

For my mom to fully heal

For Kevin Holding, who lost his mother

I hope my brother will be nice to me

I add my own prayer request to this list. I pray for my church.  For the friends I have there, for the people our church helps I can only pray that God’s love is enough to continue to connect us and our community. As I find my way into a new community I pray that the community I leave behind continues to do great things for the Lord. I pray that the hearts of those in the church are filled with love for one another and understanding in the unknown future.

So now I must sign off. Perhaps tomorrow I will learn to upload pictures and share the adventures of Flat Jesus with all of you. Until then remember it isn’t about racking up the most points, it is about what you have left once it is all put back in the box.

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