Friends: Nerd and Old

What an amazing week! Hello again everyone and welcome back to my blog! I apologize for not writing sooner but I have been busy. Last weekend I spent three awesome days getting my nerd on. I attended the Washington DC third annual Awesome Con. From going to panels on how to be a fit nerd to playing in a Munchkin tournament, I had an amazing time. I am a country girl but I love walking through the city with all its life and activity. Last year I attended the convention and as I was walking back to my hotel with a bag of McDonald’s in my hand, I was asked by a homeless gentlemen for change. I apologized for not carrying cash on me and walked away. As I sat in my cozy bed in my air conditioned room eating my cheeseburger and fries it hit me. I had had the opportunity to share the love of Christ with a fellow human being and I had kept it to my self and IT WAS EASTER WEEKEND! Needless to say it haunted me. My selfishness and disconnect followed me for a year. I would look back on my trip and be disappointed in myself. So this year I brought packs of crackers with me. When asked for money I would offer the small snack instead. All of them accepted. It was not much and part of me wondered if it really mattered to them, but I had tried. After a busy weekend in DC I travelled back to my alma mater, Wilson College.

I LOVE WILSON!!! I spent five years there earning my Bachelor’s in Religion and another two earning my Master’s in Humanities. This year was my five year reunion and having worked for the alumnae office as a graduate student I knew my help was needed. I spent the week working with the staff that I had grown to see as family. On Tuesday morning we hugged, we caught up, and then we got to work. From stuffing welcome bags to washing coolers we planned, set up, and executed an wonderful weekend for Wilson alums. Watching the smiles, hearing the shouts of surprise and being a part of making more Wilson memories was inspiring. The class of 1965 celebrated their 50th year reunion. WOW! I can only hope to be half as successful in all the aspects of my life as these women. From careers to family to travel, these women have done it all. Their stories of Wilson taught me that it does not matter what rules have changed, what students are enrolled or what buildings are left Wilson will never change. She may be ever changing, but as they stepped on campus those women were transported back to their time. What Wilson becomes cannot diminish what she has been. This year’s theme was I am Wilson. How fitting. As the pastor said at Sunday chapel, not only has Wilson left its mark on us, we have left our mark on Wilson. The alumnae, students, staff, faculty and friend of the college are Wilson. Sure the buildings and campus grounds hold fond memories but I think even if they were gone, it is the people that make Wilson what she is today.

So now that I have babbled on about my love for Wilson and my nerdtastic weekend at Awesome Con it is time to get back to the real world, back to work and back to getting ready for my life changing adventure in Indianapolis!!! Stay tuned for more from the exciting life of Liz!

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