First World Privilege

Hello Again! I know it has only been two days but so much happened yesterday that I felt I had to share. To start I was commissioned by the Presbytery of Newton to serve as a YAV. And of course there was a lot of hand shaking and explaining where I am going. I also had a ton of people sign my suitcase and raised $234! But more important than the money  now have an even bigger support network as I head west. The prayers and thoughts mean more to me than all the cash (not that it doesn’t help). While sitting at the service I had to chuckle. During communion there was a gluten free wafer option. Talk about feeling privileged in my community. It reminded me of a cartoon depicting Jesus feeding the masses and from the crowd comes questions. Is the bread gluten free? I’m off carbs! Is that fish wild caught? Can we really be picky about body of Christ? Either way it made me chuckle and feel like the work I am going to do will throw me into a whole new world.

I was also pleasantly surprised while watching the PC(USA) Peacemaking Affirmation videos to see they were set at Camp Johnsonburg. If you have never been, it is a great camp that runs programs throughout the summer and I used as a retreat center in the off season. Having worked there for two summers I was so excited to see the lake, the back porch of the dining hall, and the outdoor chapel in the background.

So I am feeling blessed so far this week. I have a wonderful family,  great network of supporters, access to all the things I need and the ability to work and play at an amazing organization. I work for the YMCA and I am able to see generosity at work through our scholarship programs, youth activities, and senior healthy lifestyle seminars. I have gotten to know some amazing people and learned a new sport. Who knew pickleball would be so much fun! Well I am off to work. I will write again soon!


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